Our Teaching Kitchen

The nationwide demand for better, healthier and more sustainable food systems is increasing – and with it, the demand for workers who have the skills to make food from scratch. At Foodshed Take Away, we take a hands-on approach to preparing whole foods; nearly everything we serve is made in house, from mayonnaise and salad dressing to breads, pastas and sauces as well as some cured meats.

To better achieve our mission of offering delicious and wholesome fare while strengthening Napa Valley’s service industry-driven economy, Foodshed Take Away is working to expand mentoring and job training opportunities in our community. We’re doing this in collaboration with On The Move, a local non-profit community development organization. Our for-profit restaurant operates by donating all profits to the Foodshed Internship Program.

In turn, On The Move:

  • Identifies and procures grant funds to sustain the Program;
  • Financially supports the Foodshed Internship Program;
  • Promotes Foodshed internships within a local network of service agencies; 
  • Pre-screens internship candidates and offers job coaching support for participants;
  • Increases visibility and goodwill for the Internship Program. 

 The Foodshed Internship Program is unique in that it is primarily focused on preparing low-income youth and at-risk and underserved individuals to receive a food handlers’ permit, work in a commercial kitchen and achieve economic self-reliance. And the benefits aren’t limited to offering job placement opportunities for successful graduates. By forging alliances with other local restaurants, Foodshed is providing Napa’s service-based economy with a consistent source of highly skilled future employees.