Internship Program

Our teaching kitchen is the focal point of our operation and was created with the aim of broadening Napa’s workforce and inspiring a new generation of culinary professionals and entrepreneurs. The Foodshed Internship Program is unique in providing Napa’s low-income youth and at-risk and underserved populations with work experience so that they can obtain a food handlers’ permit, work in a commercial kitchen and achieve economic self-reliance.

Our teaching philosophy takes root in a practical, hands-on approach: Interns don’t just learn to prepare seasonal produce and gain knowledge of Italian culinary staples -- they learn how to work as team members by “diving into” the busy work day of a professional kitchen. In fact, our business depends on it. From daily menu meetings where interns receive their assignments from the chef and learn the history of a dish and its preparation from start to finish, to times when the work is fast-paced and intense, the close collaboration of interns and staff is essential.

Upon successful completion of our three-month internship program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify growing cycles and seasonal produce;
  • Understand professional kitchen terminology;
  • Identify current health department code requirements;
  • Operate commercial equipment;
  • Interpret and convert weight and volume measurements;
  • Break down a whole chicken for various applications;
  • Clean and prep a wide variety of fresh produce;
  • Make fresh bread and pasta from dough;
  • Prepare and preserve seasonal produce to be shelf-stable; 
  • Prepare several basic pasta sauces;
  • Package prepared foods for retail sale.
  • Foodshed internship graduates will also receive:
  • A stipend based on CA minimum wage of $8.25/hour;
  • Reimbursement for the cost of their food handler’s permit fee;
  • Job placement assistance. 

And the benefits aren’t limited to program graduates. By forging alliances with other local restaurants, Foodshed is also providing Napa’s service-based economy with a consistent source of highly skilled future employees.

The Foodshed Internship Program is made possible, in part, by On The Move, VOICES, and the Napa-Lake Workforce Investment Board.