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Wanna bring home the bacon? We got it! Stop by Foodshed for some bacon pizza😋 #foodshed #foodshedtakeaway #pizza #napa
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! FOODSHED HAS FRIED SHRIMP!🍤 Stop on by before they’re gone🤪
Forecast for today is rainy with a chance of Turkey Veggie Soup😌
Special Soup of the week: Turkey Veggie Soup with parsley oil garnish
Spice up ya life with our Roasted Squash contorno!
roasted squash, spicy yogurt, cilantro oil, pepitas
Best way to eat veggies is on pizza! Special pizza for this week is our Veggie Pizza!
N do ya wanna slice of our N’Duja Pizza for lunch?! This week’s Special Pizza N’Duja Pizza: spicy sausage, roasted cauliflower, mozzarella, and lemon #nofilter #yum
We got the beets, we got the beets, we got the beets, yeah we got the beets!
This week’s beet salad: grapefruit, crème fraiche, & toasted pistachios
Let’s fall into the season with this week’s special contorno! “The Fall Salad”
Can’t Fig-ure out what’s for lunch? Stop by & have a slice of our special Fig Pizza
99 bottles of liquor on the wall, 99 bottles of liquor. Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of liquor on the wall... Check out our liquor wall and our new Libation Kit of the Month! +21 only😉
Last day to bring home The Bacon!
Bacon pizza with red onion, mozzarella, cherry tomato, aioli, & parsley
Gals & Gents, we have Gallettes! Apricot Almond Gallettes!
Let’s have a peachy day! Come on by for some Armenian Cucumber & Peach Salad!
Summertime, melanzane time. Come and get your eggplant and fresh mozz!
Happy Fourth of July!
PetNat in a can and oysters. A match so perfect it’s almost uncanny. Come drink wine from a can with us and @onwardwines tonight at 6pm. BYOO (bring your own oysters).
Cool, crisp, and spicy. Say hello to our Shrimp Salad. Better known as your dinner on this 🔥 day.
Yes We (drink wine from a) Can! Join us on Thursday as winemaker Faith Armstrong Foster releases her new line of summer ready wines in a can. White, Rosé, and her famous PetNat, now in convenient beach and pool friendly ...
Summer sours, now in stock. Welcome to the shelf, @woodfourbrewing! #sourbeer #beer #california #californiabeer #napa #pizza #pizzaandbeer

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